Good read to celebrate the opening of tourism in Vietnam

Professor Giang Phi from CBM has recently co-authored a work which is of great significance to better understand the policy and practice of Vietnam.

 book cover  Vietnam tourism: policies and practices.


This book is a unique work offering an emic view of tourism in Vietnam. Thirteen chapters in the book cover a broad range of tourism development issues with reference to the historical, political, cultural and economic background of the country. This book also provides a comprehensive review of tourism development in Vietnam. Part I of the volume includes four chapters, introducing and outlining the history of Vietnam tourism and the role and function of the public sector in tourism policy making, planning and governance of the industry. Part II, with five chapters, offers analysis and assessment of various types of tourism, including marine and island tourism, ecotourism, community-based tourism, heritage, and dark tourism. Part III of the book comprises four chapters that examine the practices of hotels, tour operators, events, and the general issues of human resource development and management of the industry.

You can access this ebook at the VinUni Library.

Good read to celebrate the opening of tourism in Vietnam


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