Copy & print


The library has two multifunctional printers for students to print, scan, and make copies of documents. Please click here to read more about how to connect, print or scan materials.

3 D printer:


  • Please registrar and schedule your 3D printer use with the library through our email:
  • Do not print large objects if it takes more than 8 hours
  • Please do not let the printer run overnight
  • Turn of the 3D printer, unplug the power cord and clean the print area before leaving the room
  • When there is an unusual problem, please notify the library’s technical support immediately. Hotline: 0973714468


  • Step 1: Prepare 3D printing files: popular formats include files ending in STL, OBJ, FBX,3Ds…
  • Step 2: Set parameters for 3D files with Cura software, save files with the format “.gcode” file
  • Step 3: Copy 3D files to USB (the USB must be formatted with FAT32 standard and should store only one 3D file while printing)
  • Step 4: Plug USB into 3D printer
  • Step 5: Select Home/Print from USB
  • Step 6: Select the file to print. The 3D printer will automatically increase the temperature to the required level and start to print.

Storage material

Library materials in storage circulate only with the permission of the Director, Library and Learning Resources

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