Ask a librarian

Please contact us via:

Phone: +84 -2471 089 779, ext: 9007

Email: Most questions are answered within one business day. 

Visit us in person: Building A, VinUniversity, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.

Quality Service Standards in Communication:

The ViniUniversity Library is committed to delivering high quality services to our patrons and we continually seek to improve our performance and ensure that the services we provide are responsive and timely to the needs of o students, staff, and faculty.

As part of this commitment, the Library will ensure that:

  • Voicemail messages will be acknowledged within 24 hours
  • Out-of-office messages for phone and email will refer to an appropriate alternate contact
  • Email inquiries and feedback will receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours
  • Library staff are courteous, approachable, engaged, and respectful to privacy and confidentiality
  • Patrons will wait no longer than two minutes in line at the desk for circulation service when the desk is open
  • Chat requests will be acknowledged within five minutes during chat operating hours
  • Answers to simple questions can be found in one place through FAQs and updated frequently
  • Library will promptly advise of issues or problems that affect the use of services and facilities via a variety of communication channels

Our Quality service standards outline the level of service that can be expected from library staff.

Lost an item in the library?

Ask at the library’s Circulation Desk*.

Found an item?

Please bring it to the library’s Circulation Desk*.

*The library’s Circulation Desk is located near the main entrance on the first floor.

All lost and found items will be kept in a secure location until they are either claimed by the owners or turned over to Student Affair Management, Operation Department. Listed below are procedures to be followed:

  1. Turn lost items in to Lost and Found as soon as possible, but not later than the end of the business day on which they were found. Until lost items are turned in to Lost and Found they will be kept in a controlled holding area accessible to library staff only.
  2. Record items in the online Lost & Found Logbook at the time they are turned in. Information in it will help to ensure items are accounted for and returned to the rightful owners. Fill out the online Lost and Found Logbook completely and accurately.
  3. Items of value > 500.000 VNĐ such as wallets, purses, backpacks, and electronic devices are required to be placed in a locked location.
  4. Items of lesser value such as notebooks, umbrellas, and articles of clothing are not required to be placed in a locked location. However, these items will be kept in a controlled area accessible to library staff only.
  5. Library staff will take unclaimed IDs to Student Affair Management once a week on Friday.
  6. To attempt to ensure lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items will be asked to describe the items and to provide identification. Claimants must sign for items that have been entered into the Lost and Found logbook before the items will be released to them.
  7. Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed after 30 days are transferred to the Operation Department.
  8. Items in Lost and Found such as food and beverages that will be kept for 1 day before being sorted and thrown away. Opened food and beverages will be discarded at the end of the business day.