VinUniversity Open Access Book Cover Contest


In celebration of VinUniversity’s inaugural open access book authored by Vice Provost and Dean Laurent El Ghaoui, Alicia Tsai and Giuseppe Calafiore, we are delighted to launch a contest for the design of its cover. This competition aims to harness the creativity of our community and highlight the significance of open educational resources.


Celebrating Knowledge: The First Open Access Book at VinUniversity


  • Showcase the essence and values of VinUniversity through a cover that will represent its first open access book.
  • Foster a sense of community ownership and pride in the  access book.
  • Elevate awareness and understanding of the importance and benefits of open educational resources (OER) among students, staff, and faculty.


  • Open to all VinUniversity students, lecturers, and staff.


  • Oct 15, 2023, to Nov 5, 2023

Guidelines and Criteria:

  • Design Specifications:
  • The image will be displayed on the webbook home page and used as the internal cover in ebook exports. Read more in our guide. You can browse some of the book cover designs here.
  • Size/Resolution: Cover images must be at least 800px tall and have an aspect ratio between 0.66 and 1
  • Format: PNG


  • The title of the open access book: “Linear Algebra and Applications
  • VinUniversity’s logo (which can be downloaded here)
  • An original design that represents the spirit of open learning and the ethos of VinUniversity

Judging Criteria:

  • Relevance to Theme: How well the design encapsulates the essence of open knowledge and VinUniversity’s values.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The visual attractiveness of the cover.
  • Originality: Freshness and uniqueness of the design.
  • Technical Excellence: Quality and professionalism of the design.

. Requirements:

  • Read the table content and 1-2 first chapters of the book here
  • Design the book cover
  • Write a few lines to explain the meaning and design

Prize Structure:

  • 1 first prize with 4 million vnd
  • Inspiring Awards: each submission will receive a VinUni merchandise to encourage them to join the current as well as future competitions from VinUni library.

Submission Process:

  • Design your cover and submit it through Google form by Nov 10, 2023.
  • You can scan the QR code  or access the Goggle form URL here to upload your design with your written explanation.
  • Winners will be announced on Nov 30 during the research day celebration at VinUniversity.


By participating, entrants grant VinUniversity the right to use, reproduce, and display their designs for promotional and/or other purposes, without compensation.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of open learning at VinUniversity. Let your creativity shine and be a part of educational history!