Library vision, mission, goals

Vision statement

VinUniversity Library is a smart learning hub that provides a diverse array of learning tools, technologies, services and resources to students, staff, faculty, and the learning community.

It is a flexible, open, and accessible, physical, and virtual innovative space that fosters the shared development of teaching, learning, research, information literacy, and successful interdisciplinary student outcomes.

Mission statement

VinUniverstiy Library is a smart library which:

  • aims to use the power of a digital/physical place to connect with and bridge the gaps among disciplines and between the institution and its communities.
  • commits to the integration of international and cultural dimension into teaching, research, and services of the institution to develop student’s international opportunities and global perspectives.
  • introduces digital technologies in a contextual way to accommodates various cultural, developmental, learning and research needs and abilities through the provision of OER, digital resources and services.
  • serves as a locus for experimentation and development in pedagogy and curriculum, as well as a sustainable archive for VInUniversity records of achievement.

Key principles

The library is operating on SMART principles:

SMART collection

Library resources are discoverable and accessible anytime and anywhere due to resource integration (cross-system application, cross-sectoral information sharing, cross-library interchange, cross-media integration).

SMART services

Providing innovative personalized boutique services is essential for academic library success.

SMART people

VinUni library will focus on smart user cultivation, smart, responsive and flexible user training.

SMART technology

Sensors, RFID, Bluetooth IBeacon localization etc. will provide VinUni library with the ability to perceive library users and their behaviors that will be analyzed by AI, data mining technology, etc. so that the library can provide personalized services suited to each individual users. Virtual reality technology and mobile technology will be also used for users to access to and share information quickly and easily.

Library Spaces

The Library has more than 3900 square feet with two floors. It offers 4 main types of spaces to support learning, teaching, research, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities:

Collaboration spaces

Library patrons can work with one another in various group configurations in our fully equipped discussion rooms, open discussion booths, and comfortable seating lounge on both floors. Patrons have access to maker innovation spaces, studios, teleconference rooms, and a PC lab with high-end computers and adaptive software. The 24/7 learning common on the first floor is open to patrons at all hours of the day and night for those late-night projects and essential discussions! Advanced reservations may be required for some of the specialized spaces.

Consultation spaces

Here library patrons can learn about new technology and seek assistance from librarians or professional experts. The library offers two instructional classes on the first floor, two reference desks, one consultation room cum English language lab, and book consulting spaces near bookshelves.

Sanctuary spaces

While the library can be a hub of collaborative learning activities, it is also a place where patrons can find safety in silence. There are plenty of quiet spaces for thinking, reflection, and creative work. Located close to the book stacks, these quiet spaces are ideal for those seeking to study on their own in silence.

Community engagement spaces

VinUni students can attend regular activities such as talks, presentations, book discussions, exhibitions, and poetry readings in the open amphitheater and training rooms which boast movable partitions that accommodate large groups and give participants a sense of belonging to a larger community.