Alumni Access

VinUni Alumni Library Access Policy

  1. Eligibility and Access VinUni graduates are eligible to access the VinUni Library collections and services as alumni. Upon graduation and the subsequent change in status in the VinUni system, student accounts will automatically convert to Alumni accounts. Alumni may continue to use their student ID card to access the library’s resources.
  2. Available Resources and Services Alumni have the following privileges at the VinUni Library:
  • On-Site Access: Alumni may access print collections, study spaces, and other on-site resources.
  • Electronic Resources: Alumni can access a wide range of electronic resources, including research databases and eBooks.
  • Borrowing Privileges: Alumni may read books within the library premises but are not permitted to check out books or remove them from the library.
  • Specialized Tools and Applications: Access to semi-professional studio, OBS,  VR Room which are available on-site.
  1. Usage of Resources Alumni are expected to adhere to the library’s policies regarding the use of resources and facilities. The library retains the right to modify access privileges to ensure fair use and availability of resources to all users.
  2. Support and Assistance The library staff is available to assist alumni with accessing and utilizing library resources effectively. For assistance with electronic resources or any library services, please contact the library help desk.
  3. Policy Amendments This policy is subject to review and amendment by the VinUni Library administration to adapt to changing needs and circumstances. Alumni will be notified of any significant changes to their access rights or available services.

This policy ensures that VinUni alumni continue to benefit from and contribute to the intellectual community through ongoing access to vital academic resources.