Congratulations to our AccessMedicine online quiz winners!

Our AccessMedicine online quiz organized by VinUni library in cooperation with McGraw – Hill gives our medical students, faculty and staff the chance to become expert users of this comprehensive online medical resource. We have found 6 winners, and their stories about VinUni library and AccessMedicine are very inspiring.

Tran Thuy Linh, a first-year student of Medical Doctor program, finds the university library and AccessMedicine truly a valuable medical information resource. She said ‘As a first-year medical student, I need to study the basic natural sciences before exposing myself with the diseases and their clinical cases. In such basic courses, I was often introduced to a few diseases that could appear in exams. That’s when Access Medicine comes as my savior of the day. Medical information published online usually targets patients not medical students and it can be misleading. With Access Medicine, I can quickly grab the fundamentals of the diseases and know the information’s sources.  VinUni Library helps me use Access Medicine for free and quickly. I just need to go to the library website and choose Access Medicine in the Database section. Without VinUni Library, I wouldn’t get a chance to use this wonderful tool.  I found Access Medicine helpful the most in its search engine and a huge collection of texts. They have helped me compare different sources and find high-quality images for my study.’

For residency students as Phạm Hoàn Mỹ, VinUni library and the medical resources are an indispensable part of their student lives. ‘Access to VinUni Library opens the gate to various resources to help strengthen my knowledge in medicine, not only via offline books, but also a wide range of valuable database, one of which is Access Medicine, access surgery from McGraw Hill. As a surgery resident doctor, textbooks from McGraw Hill is essential to build clinical knowledge. In my preference, Schwartz principle of surgery, a so-called ‘bible for surgery’ and several atlas of surgery are the most useful to be well prepared for every operation. I also find various valuable textbooks in different surgical specialties like cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, etc. with profound knowledge and interesting illustration. I also enjoy cases, multimedia tools for better review.’

Le Thu Thao, another residency students also echoed Ms. Mỹ’s idea. ‘I really appreciate Vinuni library, especially AccessMedicine. Because I’m an internal medicine residency so I need to read a lot of medical information. AccessMedicine helps me a lot with a huge number of famous books, such as Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine . Whenever I have a new rotation, I always make a plan to finish one chapter in this book and this facilitates my knowledge about pathophysiology of disease, how to diagnose and how to treat. Moreover, AccessMedicine also has many interesting parts, for example Infographic with a lot of beautiful images and they also have important things about the disease, what I need to remember, that helps me to revise important points that I maybe miss or forget when I read in books. AccessMedicine also has podcasts about internal medicine. I can practice listening English skills and try to think critically whenever I hear the specialist’s analysis on how to approach the patient with abdominal pain, chest pain, or shortness of breath.’

AccessMedicine is really a good investment of Vinuni library as Nguyen Phuong Hong Minh, a sophomore student of our Medical Program, has indicated that ‘AccessMedicine is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful tools for people interested in health science. Actually, as a sophomore medical student, this tool has not yet demonstrated its full utility in my research. It is appropriate for my coming years at university because AccessMedicine contains many exciting discussions and case analyses and has a very high applicable characteristic. However, the Medical Doctor program at VinUniversity also arranges for some special cases. It is also the reason I am aware of Access Medicine. It completes my knowledge of those cases, allowing me to provide background knowledge and quick answers just at point – of – care.’

By Diana Starykova, June 15, 2022

Congratulations to our AccessMedicine online quiz winners!


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