Strategic Partnership between VinUni and VinAi Research Lab

We are immersing in a world where businessmen have to take control of AI and technologists need to excel in management if they want to contribute to the overall development of economies and societies, as well as improving human’s welfare. Interdisciplinary training is thus quickly becoming a key approach in how VinUni attempts to build a university for the future.

Lately, VinUni signed a partnership agreement with VinAI Research—a lab specializing in furthering the scientific inquiry of AI. Accordingly, VinUni and VinAI will collaborate in training, researching, and exchanging human resources, and infrastructure. Specifically, both will synergize to attract and nurture talents, connect and create a sustainable ecosystem of knowledge, and obtain recognition in the global scientific community.

During the first phase, VinAI Researchers will become Affiliated Scholars/Faculty at VinUni—enabling them to access research infrastructure and to teach interdisciplinary classes. Meanwhile, VinUni faculty will provide instructional knowledge, academic support, and methodology for VinAI team. Besides, through extending their international networks and collaborators, both sides will create new opportunities to publish scholarly works and cooperate in research administration—leading to bigger impact and practical values of specialized research being communicated to a wider public audience.

At the signing ceremony, Professor Rohit Verma, Founding Provost of VinUni shared his vision for Vietnam’s two young research powerhouses VinUni and VinAI to form an essential partnership that will foster real impact and measurable outcomes for future research works, rallying insights and implications from Vingroup’s ecosystem, and ultimately lead to a high recognition of Vietnam on the world stage.

Students interested in Engineering and Computer Science at VinUni will have opportunities to intern, research, and work at VinAI Research alongside their studies. Apply today to learn from the best scientists:

Read more about VinAI at:

Photo: VinAI Research team’s visit and working day at VinUni

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Strategic Partnership between VinUni and VinAi Research Lab


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