Welcome international students as library work – study students

By Diana Starykova

June 7, 2022

Our VinUniversity Library gives the opportunity for international students to work and socialize in a new environment. With the support of VinUni’s Student Affairs Management Department and Vice Provost Office, VinUni library has hired 04 international students to work in the library. It is part of the library campaign to support diversity and inclusion, promoting cultural exchange between students from Vietnam and foreign countries. The library gives the chance for international students to show and reveal their talents, and help them get comfortable in a new environment. The students were also asked to describe their impression and experience of working in the library.


Diana Starykova from Ukrainian University

Diana is an undergraduate student and her major is Mechanical Engineering.  It is the first time she has been to Vietnam, but she seems to adapt quickly with the weather and Vietnamese food.

“I want to say a huge thank you for supporting and giving us the opportunity to work with you. The library has a wonderful atmosphere, charming staff and all the amenities for comfortable work. This is a great chance to practice your English and socialize!”

Nguyen Tran Mai Anh (Anna)

Anna is a sophomore student at Odesa I.I Mechnikov National University.

“I have a previous experience of working in a bookstore and I am passionate about both reading and collecting books, so when Mr. Tony Tin caught me in the library and told me about this job opportunity, I immediately said “Yes”.  As expected, everyone was beyond friendly and greeted us with much hospitality.  This particular library is completely different from any of the ones I’ve seen before and working here means having a chance to develop new skills in modern technology.  Lastly, I would like to quote Mr. Tin: “The library will become your second home” and that is nothing but the truth”.

Vu Tkhi Zanh

Zahn is an undergraduate student whose major is Fine Art. She can design various nice posters and especially can speak excellent Vietnamese.

“First of all, I really appreciate this opportunity for having a job at library in this hard times. I am gaining experience very quickly, because this work concludes many specifies which are very close to my major. The library has its own adorable atmosphere, which inspires me a lot.“

Bui Vu Hai Yen (Inna)

Inna is a student of Business and Management. She is a dynamic and reliable girl who is greatly flexible with changes.

“Working in the library has been an awesome experience for me.  The staff is welcoming and understanding.  Flexible working hours are the biggest advantage. It is easy to combine work with other activities.  I`m truly happy I got a chance to participate in this work and study program.”

Welcome international students as library work – study students



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